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BL EC-SITE : BAD LAND Lynx Open!!!!!

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In the next few days, I will be bringing you several pieces of BIG NEWS!
The first of these is as follows…
Our company’s EC-SITE : BAD LAND Lynx, created in collaboration with two of Japan’s IT industry giants―BBT and BBF―has been published.
▷ BAD LAND Lynx :

It has been a long two years…
The awesome EC-SITE was built from scratch to be compatible with World Wide businesses―social networks such as facebook.

Allow me to explain its features.

1) A variety of payment methods, compatible worldwide!!
Card payment available.
paypal payment available.
Of course, cash on delivery is available to domestic customers.
It is even equipped with a cart specifically for bank transfers, making payments even more flexible!!

2) The price displayed on the EC-SITE is automatically adjusted to the local currency!!

3) We’ve even incorporated a system that automatically calculates shipping costs for overseas orders!!
The arch-nemesis of all EC-SITEs : problems with shipping prices…
Problem with shipping prices #1 :
Offering worldwide delivery means that the cost of sending the same item to different countries and areas varies.
Problem with shipping prices #2 :
A custom shop like ourselves handles everything from T-Shirts to 
Alumi. Billet Wheels and Engines. The weight of the different parts and products varies tremendously.

Automatic postage calculation had to be incorporated, on the condition that it was a globally compatible system… I received repeated reports from the system developers that this was a monumental challenge for all EC-SITEs.
However, I refused to compromise on making the incorporation of this system a reality.
This is what I said to them:
“Who needs an EC-SITE that can’t automatically calculate shipping costs?”
※It was making this a reality that caused the creation of the EC-SITE to take about two years…

In the end, though, the guys overcame the challenge magnificently!
They succeeded in incorporating this system into our company’s EC-SITE!
It calculates the overseas shipping cost and includes it in the final total displayed.
Product price + relevant shipping cost = total bill displayed.
This is displayed in the relevant reserve currency!

The point is that our EC-SITE is an internet shopping site that is compatible with countries around the world… Isn’t this incredible!??

Thank you so much for your patience.
Although we currently don’t have many products on sale,
we are planning to greatly increase these in the future!!
In the meantime, please check out our company’s awesome EC-SITE : BAD LAND Lynx!
▷ BAD LAND Lynx :