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2014 New Year Campaign!! 2014 ニューイヤー・キャンペーン開催!!

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Happy New Year everyone!!
We would like to say, in all sincerity, how grateful we are for your continued support of BAD LAND’s fb page, And our official blog site : SO-BAD REVIEW!!

So… Let me introduce 2014 New Year BAD LAND Campaign!!!

★ We present AIR-BOX for V-ROD : Made by NO LIMIT CUSTOM in Germany!!
☆ 1 people will win our original products by draw!!
■ Holding period … 2014.1/4 am0:00~ 2014.1/10 pm24:00 (Japan time)
■ Shipping by EMS : We will delivery all over the world!!
※ Of course, We will pay for the shipping cost.
■ Only winners will be notified.
■ You will need to be machined in order to install this Air-Box.
■ How to install, Please refer to the link below.

Application form  for PC >>
Application form  for Smart phone >>




★ドイツ : NO LIMIT CUSTOM社製 V-ROD用エアーボックス
☆ 抽選の上、1名様にプレゼント!!!
■ 開催期間 : 2014.1/4〜2014.1/10
■ 勿論、送料は弊社負担!!
■ 当選者の発表は発送をもって替えさせて頂きます。

▶ PC用応募フォームはこちらから >>
▶ スマートフォン用応募フォームはこちらから >>


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1) Management of the member of this service by us.
2) Shipment of the product by us.
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5) Introductions such as our products by us, advertisement, advertising, invitation of the sale.
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