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Why do you customize motorcycles?

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Why do you customize motorcycles?

That is too simple a question to ask a true fanatic.
However there is a fundamental problem in cutom products,
so this is somewhat of a never ending theme.

The other day, I went to the Tokyo Motorcycle Show,
and while i was wondering around the venue,
I found myself completely unexcited. Why?
The Motorcycle Show was a show that only had normal bikes.
There were only displays of new bikes from motorcycle makers.
No matter what kind of bike I looked at, they were not interesting.
I didn’t feel any kind of excitement in the slightest.
So words of this article…..
“Why do you customize motorcycles?” came to mind.

Because normal bikes aren’t cool……

“I see.” At that moment, I completely understood!!
It was a very clear answer to me.
That’s all the reason I need to customize a motorcycle.

With a reason like that as a starting point for customization,
customizing motorcycles is indeed a phenomenon in the real world.
Without nitpicking too much one soon begins to
loosen a nut, remove a tire, take out the oil, and remove the engine.

Customizing motorcycles is not just thinking about one thing or
another in your head that you can do.
And if there is the need for an artistic element, that may be secondary.
Whenever I customize motorcycles, my mood quickly elevates.
I’ve come to realize how fun spending every day in my workshop making modifications is.

Why do you customize motorcycles?

For me,
the answer is……
“Because normal bikes aren’t cool.”

That’s all the reason I need.






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