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東京国際モーターサイクルショーにて / In Tokyo motorcycle show 29.3,2014 #2

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[ The 41st Tokyo Motorcycle Show ]
Yesterday, I went to the 41st Tokyo Motorcycle Show which is being held at the Tokyo Big Sight. They say Yamaha Motorcycle Company is on a roll this year, and in conjunction with that, the nation’s big 4 Maker : Yamaha / Honda / Kawasaki / Suzuki seem to be full of go as well. Additionally, the motorcycle boom among middle aged people has been making news lately, but it seems that the younger generation in their 20’s who show a great interest in motorcycle are also emerging. So I thought I should go for an on-site assessment to get the feel the current situation myself. I ended up arriving there close to 4:00pm, right before the show ended, but it was a huge success, and the venue was completely full that I could barely walk the aisles.
I felt the sense of the rise of the renewed motorcycle boom in Japan.


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