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At a Pancake Ristorante in Yokohama

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Of course I know it’s impossible to get such things across.
Pancakes and I…….

We don’t suit each other. We really don’t suit each other!

Well, if I could only get the message across to the person I want to…

“Pancakes.” What on earth are these things?
For sure, this was a question that was on my mind non-stop for a few years.

How are they different, what’s the difference, between them and hotcakes?
And to make it even more complicated,
what about when they’re loaded up with omelets, sausages, bacon, salad and stuff…

I guess that hot cakes and bacon just wouldn’t go well together…

Then, about a month ago, as I happened to be passing by that shop,
just kind of 80% on impulse, I decided to go in.
※Of course, I was with my wife…

And then……….
I was, totally, done over………….
Fluffy and chewy…
You―so lovely, so round―you turned out to be salty!!!

You are just too delicious! You pancake you!!!

I get it now why so many women want to eat you,
even if they have to line up in a queue and wait for you.
Ever since then, I’ve turned into a guy who wants to asexually devour pancakes every three days…

All you guys out there, I’ll be you haven’t had any yet, right?

To live without having savored this delicious taste is just too much of a waste….

■ On this day, I ordered a dessert plate.
That not-too-sweet fresh cream combined with fresh bananas is the ultimate combo!
I’m not the type who eats bananas at all, but yeah, this really does taste great.
Pancake Ristorante



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