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蓮妃QUEEN号… 5月開催のJOINTSにて!!

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BADLANDスペック… フルで盛り込みました!!



更には、10日程前にリリースとなったばかりの超最新の特殊塗料 : 大幅アップグレード版のBLシルバーコートも間髪を入れずに使用をさせて頂き、誰もが初めて目にする新たな最終表面処理加工をご披露させて頂く所存でありまして… とにもかくにも、その完成を乞うご期待下さい!!

Custom Harley for HASUKI QUEEN

Custom Harley for HASUKI QUEEN took a long time to complete. We are very sorry that she had to wait for a long time. This Custom Harley for HASUKI QUEEN will be unveiled at the JOINTS Custom Show to be held at Port Messe in Nagoya this May.

We are currently in the process of painting the gas tank, fender, and other exterior parts, and will start the final assembly around the middle of April. The body work will be done to BADLAND full specs, and we are also planning to do the ultimate polish job on the stainless steel materials such as the steering wheel, air cleaner parts, exhaust, and so on.

We will also be using the latest special paint that was just released about 10 days ago: BL Silver Coat, a greatly upgraded version, and will be showing off a new final surface treatment process that everyone will be seeing for the first time… Anyway, please look forward to its completion!