以前、弊社でもお世話になりまいたが、Hot Bike Japan.comさん新作の [2014 Harley Davidson プロモーション・ムービー] が、かなりCOOOOOOOL!! でありまして… 勿論、HBJさんにはお断りの上、こちらのブログにてもご紹介をさせて頂きます!! とにもかくにも、以下リンクより是非ご覧下さいませ!!!
▷ Hot Bike Movie …. http://www.hotbikejapan.com/movie/m15/

“UNITED BY INDEPENDENTS.” by Hot Bike Japan. com
Everyone is stabbed and moved to the passion which becomes among them, and I am alive in now.
The tale of the rider who rides on Harley-Davidson in somewhere in the worlds also at this moment should begin to be spun.
The basis of “PROJECT RUSHMORE”, a look, a sound, the H-D 2014 model that accomplished big evolution for the touring family from which all Feer evolved at the first in a roll.
The special movie which expressed the now of Harley-Davidson Company which has followed the way of evolution slowly and certainly over time no method of the way of 111 years to be also from foundation in 1903 with the background TOKYO of here the Far East.
▷ Hot Bike Movie …. http://www.hotbikejapan.com/movie/m15/


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