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LED Turn Signal : Made by Ken’s Factory

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Ken’s Factory社製LEDウィンカー…
ちなみにこちらのプロダクトは….. 勿論、日本製です。
■ 下記写真のフロントウィンカー用ステーは、弊社にてワンオフ製作を致しました。
■ 詳細はこちらのリンクをご参照下さい。
■ 価格 ¥11,800 (税別) / 1個のお値段です。
※勿論、弊社にても絶賛発売中!! お気軽にお問い合わせ下さい。

LED turn signal, made by Ken’s Factory in Japan.
Its quality & High-End aura are remarkable.
In our company’s custom HD range this is now the essential turn signal,
more than anything thanks to its size and the feel of its Alumi. Billet Body.
As a theory of Custom Made, increasing the quality of so-called small parts like this clearly brings a robust fitness to the image of the whole bike.
So the turn signal is the indicator of choice. This is not an area to scrimp on.
Naturally, this product is made in Japan.
■ For more information, click on this link. Ken’s Factory
■ Price 11,800 JPY / each

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