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3 bottles × 365 day × 25 years = 9.5t

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From the conclusion,
the kind of post like today’s has absolutely no meaning,
and it has no use knowing those figures.

I’m not especially trying to reflect on it too much,
and I don’t want a thank-you note from Asahi Beer. (Or maybe I do!)
If I attempt to replace it with numbers and make it clear,
there’s no doubt that my wife will be really annoyed……

However, as one that calls myself Beer Fantasia,
I had the feeling that I should grasp these kind of figures,
so I tried to do some calculations :
approximately how many bottles of Asahi Super Dry Beer had I drunk up until now?
※These approximations are on the very conservative side, of course.

・Three bottles of AsahiI Super Dry Beer / day x 365 = 1,095 bottles / year.

・1,095 bottles x 25years = 27,375 bottles!!! ← I’m so shocked, here!

Umm… Let’s stop these intangible calculations…….

・27,375 bottles x 250JPY (this should be the average unit price in the last 25 years) = 6,843,750JPY!!!!!

N… no way………. (sweat drop)

I could buy a car…………

As I mentioned above, those figures are a conservative estimate,
and on top of that it’s just the amount of bottles that I drank at home……

Ahh… it’s terrifying………


Huh? By the way, how much would that be if I calculated the amount???

・27,375 bottles × 350ml = 9,581,250ml!!!!!
(If I want to make it into 1ℓ measurement, all I have to do is divide it by 1000!)

・9,581,250 ÷ 1,000 = 9,581ℓ!!!!!!!!

Calculating the weight…… it’s about……… 9.5t !!!!!!!!!!!! (OMG!!!)

A…Am I the only one who heard a scream just now?

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