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Made in Ken’s Factory : High Quality Products from JAPAN!!

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Ken’s Factory… 今や説明の必要も無いでしょう。日本が胸を張り世界に誇る事の出来る国内屈指のカスタム・ショップであります。この度、同ショップより多々リリースされております高品質なオリジナル・プロダクトを、弊社EC-サイト : BL-Lynx にても多々取り扱わせて頂く運びとなりました。現在、その入力作業に追われておりますが、Ken’s Factory社製プロダクト全製品を網羅させて頂く予定となっておりますので、今後の弊社EC-サイト : BL-Lynx にご期待下さい!!

Ken’s Factory… A shop that requires no introduction. This is a leading Japanese custom Shop that Japanese people can show off to the rest of the world with great pride. Our company, the Online web shop : “BL-Lynx” will also be offering many high quality, original products launched by this shop. We are currently very busy getting everything ready for the web shop, and we will definitely be including all products by Ken’s Factory. We hope you will look forward to the opening of our online web shop : BL-Lynx!!

▷BL-Lynx :


Ken’s Factory : Rocker Cover Black for TWIN CAM


Ken’s Factory : Rocker Cover Polished for TWIN CAM


Ken’s Factory : LED Black Marker Light


Ken’s Factory : LED Polished Marker Light


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