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The destination is Saudi Arabia…

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台湾 : Rough Crafts社製のこちらのフットペグ…
1週間、あるいは10日。いや、2週間は掛かるのでは無いか??? 等々。。。
現地での輸入通関業務がすんなりと行けば、2日後にはお客様のお手元へ!! なんだそうです!!!
いやはや… 地球も狭くなりました。。。

Taiwan’s Rough Crafts made this foot peg…
It’ll be challenging the journey with the aim of reaching Saudi Arabia.
How many days will it exactly take from Japan to Saudi Arabia???
It is country far away…
1 week or maybe 10 days. No, doesn’t it take at least 2 weeks??? etc…
Wh, what!!
It seems it’ll only take 2 days to get to the customer, if import custom procedures go smoothly!!
Duh…the earth became narrow…
※Requested FedEx for this time’s transport.
Among the several services within FedEx, we used Priority Service this time.

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