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ワンオフ・ワールド… Hand crafted custom parts…

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From Handlebar, Gastank, Fenders, Exhaust, Headlight, Swingarm, Brackets to various other parts including those made from FRP, we have now come to produce most of the parts ourselves.
Although we do sometimes outsource complex and precisive alumi. billet products to our subcontracting precision-machining factory, if the product is a brake caliper or some other product that involves a similar set of skills to make, then we are quite capable of producing it ourselves.
There are plenty of great, ready-made products available, and we by no means intend to deny them all. It just so happens that we wanted to pursue our own style, which resulted in the need to make a lot of the parts ourselves. BAD LAND has turned into quite an ironworks now,
but at the time when it was built, in 2006, it was a very stylish shop indeed…..

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