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Old is Gold : Part-1 / 1929 Ford Model-A

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1929 Ford Model-A。
皆さん、エンジンにストローカーキット….. 是非組み込むべきです!!

Last night, an old friend came to visit me with this car.
[ The 1929 Ford Model-A ]
It is a car with a simple, convertible design. If you take a look at this picture,
it should be easy for you to imagine the car itself.
The Exhaust note is destructively loud, not to mention the[gasoline stench…
The moment I sat in the passenger seat, which shook from the Engine’s vibration,
I couldn’t help but crack a smile.
Sure enough, the moment he pressed the accelerator, it felt like my heart was getting revved up as well. I haven’t felt like that in ages!
There is no denying that it made me feel great!
It really should be called a monster of torque, smacking with the charm of the Old American Motor, though this is coming from someone who is crazy about Harley-Davidson…
Let’s get back to the point. Thanks to my friend just happening to stop by last night,
I was able to remember these great feelings.
You should definitely install a stroker kit in your engine too!!!

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